Voice Activated!

Saturday, April 6th, 2024

Hemsley Hall
4 Arthur Kill Road
Staten Island, NY

The Workshop, Voice Activated:
. . . was very well-coordinated event. I personally benefitted a lot and can’t wait to put the tools to work…

. . . was absolutely wonderful and so much fun!! I learned so much.

. . . was very informative, with wide-ranging, valuable and helpful information on voice techniques that I can bring back to my choir.

. . . Totally delightful and uplifting

. . . one of the best!

. . . instructive to hear some technique taught using different terms — I found ‘tongue push-ups’ a helpful new exercise.

Great tools to improve vocal production in the long-run . . . to navigate what we learned and apply the knowledge to all my singing. Thank you for this workshop!

Learned several wonderful new techniques for enhancing vocal skills.

I’m very grateful for this presentation. It was extremely educational, helpful and inspiration

Cailin Marcel Manson, Master Teacher:
. . . exhibits a wonderful and expert outlook on music and the voice.

. . . is an excellent clinician, entertaining and colorful.

Cailin’s ability and energy kept us all engaged. He offered us many practical techniques to make our ‘instrument’ much more efficient.